Venice Lagoon Park
Architecture competition proposal, 2008

The competitions aim was to reclaim the urban idea of the lagoon as a complex network of communications and settlements, through a re-colonisation of the territory of the lagoon, and the reclaiming of the idea of the lagoon as an urban constellation, necessarily integrated in its natural environment. The program for the competition called for an urban park as a gateway to the lagoon and waystations for tourists in the lagoon itself. The site for the urban park was on the Isle of Sacca san Mattia, as a hub for traffic from the airport and the other islands of Venice and as a harbor for boats for visitors to the lagoon.

The proposal concentrated on the particular elements of Venice: the mirror of water turning the Lagoon into a continuous sky, the line of the horizon as the only constant in the changing wetlands.

For the urban park a new harbor was created by digging a canal through the island of Sacca San Mattia and the dug up soil used to cover new buildings lining the canal, in effect hiding the new constructions from view from the Lagoon and creating a high vantage point that opened up a panoramic vista over the Lagoon area. The waystations were conceived as objects situated "below the horizon" - as weighted barges that didn't obstruct the views in the Lagoon and responded to the ebb and flow of the tide.