Designing in Tehran
Architecture competition proposal, 2009

The aim of the competition was to design an iconic building for retail and office spaces on a central location in Tehran. The site was affected by strict zoning laws and the programme had very specific requirements for the amount of usable space to be created.

The proposal worked at the edges of these limitations, aiming for maximum presence, distinction in the environment and usable space on the office floors. The iconic aspect of the building was realized by aggressively pursuing the other goals and making a few decisions that formed the overall volume: separating the building from the urban fabric, creating a compact central core for vertical connections, fixing the corners of the floors and allowing change in the wall lines according to zoning regulations.

As a result the building combines the plain conventional surfaces of a curtain-walled small office building with an experimental overall shape - taking its place in the cityscape despite a relatively small size and low height.