Perm Art Museum
Architecture competition proposal, 2007, purchase prize
Esa Ruskeepää with Tommy Kaj Lindgren

The competition programme called for an iconic building on a site between the city centre and the river - a museum for an existing collection and a new focal point for the expansion of the city of Perm.

The proposal aimed at visibility, an iconic presence, an optimal environment for viewing the art and preservation of as much as possible of the site - a park with views over the river.

The galleries were treated in a conservative way, as white and black boxes, blocking direct sunlight and providing indirect light where it was appropriate. The existence of a large and diverse collection enabled the creating of galleries suited for each kind of art - from wooden religious sculpture to miniature paintings and fabrics. The galleries were stacked on top of each other as an overturned ziggurat and the ground floors were made open to all sides and easily accessible - this way the park was preserved and the public spaces in the museum could be opened up to nature. The spaces between the galleries were used for circulation and for several resting spots offering particular views over the landscape and through the building itself.

The combination of optimal, conservative gallery volumes composed in an unconventional way gave the finished design a distinct and striking look, while none of the functional needs of the project were sacrificed.