Montaasin Filosofia, Filosofian Montaasi
Publication design, 2003

A sweeping collection of essays and series of artworks by Kimmo Sarje, "Montaasin filosofia, ..." is an exhibition catalogue and a work of art in its own right. A companion piece for the works presented in the Pori Art Museum in 2003 it oscillates between the reproductions of these works and a number of essays dealing with the same issues explored in the pieces. Sometimes the pieces act as illustrations to the text, but often the connection is more loose - text and image being equal in importance.

The design aimed at reflecting this peculiar blend - when usually the text content of an exhibition catalogue is explanatory and subservient to the artworks presented, here the text had a role as important as the images themselves. By using an unusually large typeface and composing the pages with the essays presented in the same manner as images would be, the layout followed and accomodated the content.