"LOHKI" Serlachius-museum addition
Architecture competition proposal, 2011, highest class
Max Hartman, Janne Lainea and Tommy Kaj Lindgren

The proposal is a composition of pavilions, housing the functions of the new museum in spaces suitable for exhibitions. The new building has a continuous sloping roof, uniting the separate pavilions and creating a recognizable silhouette. The roof follows the needs of the spaces underneath: high where double height space is needed and low towards the old building, so as to connect with it as delicately as possible.

Because of the free positioning of the pavilions, the circulation in the exhibition spaces could be made as pleasant as possible and a number of views between the museum and the surrounding environment could be arranged in a controlled fashion. The design concept also allowed for separate spaces of the museum to be closed (during the changing of exhibitions etc.) while the rest of the museum could continue functioning as usual.

The paivilions were designed to be built in white brick and concrete, lightly plastered and all white, acting as a counterpoint to the old museum, built in dark brick and weathered copper.