Herttoniemi Designstreet
Architecture competition proposal, 2010

The competition aimed at creating a distinct "Designstreet" in an area of light industry, manufacture and offices in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

The proposal "Linko" (finnish for slingshot) concentrated on several aspects:

a) creating conditions for the area to have a bright future as a concentration of creative industries and individuals by altering the townplan so it favors mixed-use buildings and live-work arrangements in the old building stock.

b) focusing on the intersections - because they are the crucial points in navigating in any urban environment - and designing a dynamic electronic screen, in the form of a torus with a triangle section, that can transmit information that can be tied to a certain direction by the viewer.

c) designing a visual identity for the area and the "Designstreet"-project, so as to make it easier to manage, replicate and also so that the local signage and interventions would be easy to connect to virtual locations and hubs.