SARC Architects Ltd
Identity design, 2008

SARC Architects is one of the largest and most prestigious architecture firms in Finland with work ranging from large scale urban projects to small carefully considered dwellings.

The identity was updated from an earlier design that displayed the firm name as well all as the relevant information in a stamp-like composition: all text force-justified in a small square.

Designing the new identity, it was agreed that the goal would be to give a more contemporary look to the logo while retaining a recognizable similarity to the old one. The identity was given a more airy composition, the information content that was needed in different situations was reconsidered, and in several cases reorganized, and the typography was updated by changing the old very identifiable sans-serif typeface to a more neutral one that could serve the firm for longer and not deteriorate or become outmoded with age.

A palette of colours was chosen for the identity - a warm grey and a shade of black mixed with silver. A warm cream tint was chosen for papers used, for envelopes, business cards and the like. This set of materials and colours was used throughout the office, all the way to seasonal greeting cards that reprinted silk-screen images by the artist Outi Martikainen.