Aasian Sirpaleita
Publication design, 2007

The book "Aasian Sirpaleita. Tero Kiiskinen. Taiteilija. Tutkimusmatkailija" is a look into the life and work of the artist Tero Kiiskinen. Through several essays by friends and colleguages, his own letters and postcards, drawings and notes, an image of the lively subject is pieced together. The material consists also of reproduced paintings, newspaper clippings and several photographs. Edited by Kimmo Sarje and published by the Pori Art Museum originally as an exhibition catalogue, the book is a loving collection of memories and recollections of the late artist.

For the design, the polyphonic quality of the content posed a problem and a possibility: the different voices were separated typographically and given their own character - Tero's own voice being the most prominent, rendered in an urgent typewriter-font, reflecting the letters and notes that he often typed instead of writing by hand. The cards, notes and drawings were presented as often as possible as complete objects, with worn edges and signs of aging - as the cherised memories they were for their owners.

The book was nominated one of the Finest Finnish Books of 2007 in the non-fiction category by the Finnish Book Arts Committee.